About Us


We’re a Small, Tight-Knit Team with a Ginormous Skill Set

Yes, ginormous is a real word, trust us, we Googled it.

Our Story

At Sleepless Media, we’ve been designing solutions for complex problems for over a decade. Originally founded by Jon our Creative Director in 2003 as an outlet for his freelance design services, our team quickly grew out of necessity into a force to be reckoned with, and we’ve never looked back. We’ve delivered hundreds of digital design projects from concept to completion over the past decade, so when it comes to the web, you can bet we’ve seen it, heard it, and done most all of it. Unlike other so-called “design agencies,” we’re not a one-man outfit working out of a bedroom; we’re a small, process-oriented team of in-house specialists. Each of us has a dedicated role to help you design and execute your digital design strategy. Go ahead, throw it at us.


Meet Our Team

We’ve carefully assembled our current team, and have honed our process together as a unit, working in an agile way that never stops evolving. We love the challenge of exceeding our clients’ expectations while finding the best solutions for every project, and firmly believe in having fun while we’re at it. Click to learn more about each of us, but if you aren’t too fond of being on the outside of inside jokes, you may want to just keep scrolling past us while you’re ahead.

We’re Located in the Historic Old Sash Mill Design Center in Downtown Santa Cruz California.

That’s a stone’s throw away from Silicon Valley by the way.

Old Sash Mill Design Center Office Complex

Our Design Studio

We all live and work in Santa Cruz California, and we love it here. If you’re familiar with the area, you know it’s a beautiful place, so you won’t find the same old pictures of the beach, surfers and the lighthouse on our website. Instead, here’s a look at our modest design studio and what inspires us on a day-to-day basis. We’re all for a good live/work balance and all that jazz, but maybe we’re a bit old school in the sense that our entire staff is around when you need us, every day of the work week, during regular office hours. You might also be pleased to know this is a ping-pong-free zone. When we’re at work, we’re here to roll up our sleeves, not roll on our headbands. Oh, and we will never, ever call you “bro”—that’s a promise.

“Thou Shalt Not Partake of Decaf.”

If you’re familiar with the band that wrote the song containing that quote, we’re probably going to get along especially well, and if you haven’t noticed, we take our coffee pretty seriously. A few of us did plenty of time as professional baristas, and we’re not easily swayed with the same old reclaimed wood, v-necks, thick paper filters or under-roasted coffee. Coffee fuels our design, and we brew it right: strong! Come on down and we’ll make you a cup.

We Love Our Clients

After all, they could choose to work with anyone, and they choose us repeatedly. Our clients, of all sizes, have contributed to our success. That’s not something we take lightly. Here are a few of the many clients we’ve worked with over the years.


Seen Enough? Let’s Chat!

We think it’d be a good idea to get in touch, and pronto! If you’re interested in speaking to us about your project, you can fill out our quick quote form to provide us with the initial details, or call us anytime at 831.427.1969 to get the conversation started.