Your Website Will Only Be So Good Without Professional Photography

If you have a website, you know how important it is to get the attention of your visitors. You also know the value of getting them to stay longer on your site. A lot of web designers and business owners often overlook it, but in a world obsessed with Instagramming, Facebooking and posting to Pinterest boards, photography is a super important component of any website. We are in the “visual age”, so photography (particularly professional photography) will help increase and sustain reader-interest.

Why Is Professional Photography Important for Websites?

There are six main reasons why you should include professional photos in your website.

1) As mentioned previously, we are at an age where visuals are a main focus. So, if your website has good, engaging photos, especially ones that are relevant to your content or articles, your site will get more traction on page visits.

2) First impressions are important. The minute a visitor lands on your website and sees excellent quality professional photos, he or she will automatically form a good first impression of your site. They will immediately see you as a trustworthy and professional service or resource. This will increase the likelihood that they will stay on your site to see what you have to say, which will ultimately help visits turn into leads or sales.

3) Photographs and images attract, especially ones that are well done and relevant. This is particularly important when you are running an online store. When buyers search for products and your site’s product images show on the results pages, people will be more likely to consider purchasing from your store because they’ll get an instant idea of what the products look like. Around 60% of these consumers will seriously think of getting in touch with you and buying your products.

4) In an era dominated by social media, professional photography is an important weapon. You can use the photos to share and promote your website on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other similar social networks. An active presence on Facebook alone will guarantee you millions of views.

5) If your website is used for press releases and similar content or materials, you are bound to get more views if you use multimedia strategies – including using professional photos and infographics. A photo that’s taken custom for that article will always be a better bet than the same old stock photograph that you’ve seen on thousands of other websites.

6) According to a report by the National Retail Federation, a significant number of customers give more value to the image of a product compared to product-specific information (63%), product descriptions (especially long ones) (54%), and reviews and ratings (53%). Visitor or audience engagement also increases when there are good photos on a website or page.

Choose Professional Photos

Of course, to get the maximum effect, you will need to choose only high quality images. You can’t just grab photos from the Internet! Doing this will put you in danger as the owners of the photos might sue you for violation of copyright policies. The best thing to do would be to commission a professional photographer for a photo shoot. Spending a few bucks for a professional photographer will make a noticeable difference in your results, and easily pay for itself. Consider it as an investment, the rewards of which you’ll reap once the website is up and making waves online.

The best web designs are those that are based around great photography and great content – you’re not going to get very far on the design-first, fill-in-the-blanks-second approach. Designing around personalized photography is key. If possible, when designing a new website, work with a design team that has a photographer on staff that can take professional head shots of your team, your location, your products and any other key parts of your business.

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