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We design and develop handcrafted, mobile-responsive websites and apps for the best possible user experience. Mobile-responsive design provides fluid reading, easy navigation and adaptive interaction, which are all critical to your business. Ours is a one website, any device design philosophy to ensure that no matter the screen size, or device—current and future—your customers can consume your content with ease.

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Have you been thinking about hiring a professional Web design company? Many businesses get started on the wrong foot when they go online with a Web presence put together by “a friend of a friend” in the late night hours. An authentic Web design company has a lot more to offer, but many business owners don’t have time to research and get the facts.

Why should you work with a real Web design company instead of whatever free help you can get? There are many reasons – and amateurs either don’t know about them or won’t tell you about them. Let’s look at some of the most important factors that separate true Web professionals from the rest … and what they mean to a growing local business like yours.

When you hire a reputable Web design company, you get:

1) Better Search Engine Position

Research suggests that more than half of all Web traffic goes to the search results in the top three positions. Good search engine positioning doesn’t happen by chance, however: It’s the result of a detailed strategy that includes technical changes, improved design, and a proactive approach to digital marketing. Only a professional can develop a plan for search engine optimization (SEO) that will provide strong results on the long term.

2) More Prospects & Online Customers

After launching a website, what comes next? In order for a site to generate real value for you – in the form of contacts from prospects and purchases from customers – it needs to be planned with your audience’s needs in mind. That requires insight into your industry and how to communicate your value through online media. If even one element of your site isn’t quite right, would-be customers will leave … and they probably won’t come back.

3) Higher Visibility in the Local Community

Beauty salons, dentists, tow truck drivers, restaurants … what do they all have in common? They all rely on local business at a traditional “brick and mortar” storefront. No matter the size of your community, odds are good that prospects have several different options to choose from. Virtually every one of them will research you and your competitors online before making a choice. A good website helps establish your authority and attract that vital local business.

4) Effective Mobile Optimization

Recently, Google announced it would make mobile compatibility a ranking factor in its search engine results. Pew Research has discovered that a whopping 68% of Americans have a smartphone capable of accessing the Internet. People are spending more time online through their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices – and a site that isn’t designed to serve them will be very difficult to navigate. That could send them to your competition.

5) Email Autoresponders for Your Sales Funnel

An effective email campaign is one of the most powerful assets a local business can have. With autoresponders, prospects and customers get targeted email messages that cater to their interests and needs: For example, existing customers might receive special offers on services they’ve used before. Each message in an autoresponder “chain” is a step on the path to more sales. The best way to capture all that potential revenue is with professional assistance.

6) A Laser Focus on What You Do Best

One of the concerns that holds back many business owners from hiring a Web design company is the idea that a site is a lot of hard work. It’s true that, to really produce ongoing value, a site should be updated regularly. However, professionals who develop a true understanding of your business will be able to provide all the strategy, resources, and day-to-day support you need. That means you can stay focused on what makes your business special instead of worrying about your site.

To Bring Your Business to Another Level, You Need a Professional Website

It’s probably true that you or someone you know could probably build “a website.” In today’s world, however, not just any website will do. If you’re looking for a web design company you can trust, look for one that integrates cutting-edge features that deliver your message to your ideal customers and motivate them to take action now.

You know that you would never do business with a brand that has an ugly, malfunctioning website, so don’t let your own company suffer the same fate. A good website will put your business on the path to a brighter future.